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Monday, January 28, 2013

New game cubed!

I have been interested in RPGs from childhood, but never got to play in one. Well, we did have one session of rolemaster and one session of paranoia, but they never really got off the ground. And to this day i have no idea how on earth a ten year old can make sense of Rolemaster 2nd edition? That all changed last year.

I moved to a new city, and dediced to check if some of my new friends could be persuaded to try roleplaying. To my suprise, I had no problem finding players, once I explained what on earth roleplaying was. There was even a history of roleplaying around here - while cleaning a room in our church that had not been used for a decade (besides storage), i found old runequest-books. I don´t know who played, but it was fun find.

We started  with a group of 4+1, which has since grown to 5+1 (3 of whom are girls), and not one of us has roleplayed before. The system was (obviously) new to all of us, Mouse Guard, and the campaign was brand new. That´s new cubed!

I have been enjoying myself immensely, and we have crafted some impressive stories together. The only tip i feel qualified to give is this: spread the word. You will be suprised how many people are interested in our hobby! But without further babbling, i give the stage to two of my players!


Who are you?
I´m a short, 23 years old (I feel so old...!) image-artesan, but currently studying to be socionom. Well, trying to. I´m a christian, a bookworm, and I like to go jogging, play piano and flute, and sing.

How did you feel about starting roleplaying?
Enthusiastic! It has been my dream for many years, and now i have gotten to play for a few times. I´m eagerly waiting for the next time!

Could you introduce your character?
Gil is 30 years old, male (they thought he was she at one time...), has a rank of Patrol Leader, and is tutoring a Tenderpaw from his patrol. Gil has a black fur, and has a black cape, staff and dagger, and likes to cover half of his face with a scarf. He lost his right ear saving his patrol from a hawk. He likes rum... a lot!

You best memory from the campaign?
At the moment, there are two. Twice, when my pupil has been misbehaving, i have knocked him out without any effort. In real fight, he is a machine, much better than me, but when misbehaving, the scene is almost like straight from a movie: the pupil struck down unceremoniously by his mentor! Another one was kidnapping a mayor candidate during election, hiding him inside a carpet, and smuggling him out of the city posing as laundrymen.

Who are you?
23 years old wannabe-student and sportsman. Music is also close to my hearth. Interested on everything and usually, while not working, on the move.

How did you feel about starting roleplaying?
The idea to me was to try something new, and maybe use my imagination a little more. And it has been fun!

Could you introduce your character?
Radulf likes to watch and survey his environment, but when needed, he can be strong and fierce fighter. Life has forced him to learn a wide skillset, so he often scouts ahead, even hoping to find something to get his adrenaline rush. Socially he can be a little dumb, and often tries to compensate with his knowledge. Wants to do the right thing, but the skills others have often learned in the childhood are absent and replaced with others, so many think of him as a lone wolf, even if he wanted to be a friend.

You best memory from the campaign?
Not a singular memory, but the image of people sitting in a circle in a room, and still being in somewhere completely different. That´s something  you can rarely experience.

Thus post was written for the second annual New Year, New Game blog carnival hosted by Gnome Stew as part of the 2013 New Year, New Game challenge.

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