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Monday, December 24, 2012

Agressive politics

After hurrying towards Copperwood the patrol intercepted Gwendolyn´s caravan before they arrived to Copperwood. Gwendolyn told them, that a great many warehouses belonging to different families from Barkstone, and that bodies in clothing of Copperwood prison were found at scene, in addition to a body fo Copperstone Guard with letters of pardon for the prisoners. Copperwood had taken the trade war way too far; using prisoners as soldiers and bringing violence to the streets of Lockhaven would not be allowed and would be dealt with! But the revelations from the patrol and interrogating the prisoner (the young Rynbeldel) changed the situation completely: After thinking, Gwendolyn asked the patrol to join them in the office of Aengus Tascer, mayor of Copperwood, the next day.

The meeting came to following conclusion: family Rynbeldel had burned it´s own warehouses in Copperwood and Lockhaven, orchestrated riots to hinder Copperwood, started a prison escape, killed prisoners and smuggled them out of Copperwood, and stolen letters of pardon to frame Copperwood as cultprit and get Copperwood banned from trading in Lockhaven, to keep their wares out of the market. Gwendolyn ordered the patrol to return to Barkstone, arrest patriarch Rynbeldel and bring him to Lockhaven to stand trial for crimes against the territories and inciting war.

Enroute, the patrol found a path made untravelable by wood debris. Beagan found out, that the path had been fouled by a bear, who had clawed the tree and now the whole area was full of branches and debris. Patrol managed, however, to move the debris away, and by so doing made traveling between the towns safe again.
Patriarkka Rynbeldel
After returning to Barkstone (and concealing their identities, not to be arrested for their last visit) the patrol found out, that the last mayor was murdered during a speech, and new election was coming. The candidates were all the leading merchants, but most of them were in debt to family Rynbeldel. The city guard, while sympathetic, would not allow to arrest mayor or any of the canditates until one of them was elected. Rynbeldel was, however, a major threat to stability in the territories; ready to kill and burn for small profits and power. A lunatic like that could not be made mayor - he had to face trial! Gill decided that the best way to do so was to break into the mansion of patriarch Rynbeldel and kidnap him...

The patrol divides to find something to blackmail the patriarch with, but finds nothing. Next they steal some uniforms of the city Guard, and forged papers with the captain of the guard allowing arrest of the patriarch. Gill and Gunrey, dressed as city guard, go to relieve the guards in front of the mansion and so gain entry, Radulf goes behind the mansion to watch the last guard, and Beagan goes to prepare (another) escape form the city. Gill and Gunrey try to get the patriarch to come with them with blackmailing and threaths, but the patriarch escapes to an secret passageway and a chase follows. The mice ran in amazingly long secret passageways (they must take up a substantial portion of the mansion.... Rynbeldel must be crazy!) and at last knock the patriarch out, tie him and roll him inside a carpet. The last guard hears noise, but radulf knocks him out and the three mice carry their carpet out of the mansion.

At the gate the city guard was pretty perplexed at the need to transport a single carpet in the middle of a night, and wanted to check the carpet for stolen items (or mayor canditates, i guess). Gill throws the carpet (and the mayour-to-be) at the guard, Beagan runs to help and the Patrol manages to escape without any casualties on either side. The patrol escaped with their hare-pulled cart to Lockhaven, wjere Gwendolyn is thankfull for getting the Patriarch to face justice, but angry at the way the patrol handled the situation: it was the second kidnapping from Barkstone, second escape from the town, and how knows how many fights they started in there? The reations with Barkstone were strained already, and more problems were not needed!

With the immendiate crisis solved, the patrol at last had time to rest and relax, and they used their time with, among other things, playing hide-and-seek. Oh, and for the whole ordeal, from Copperwood to Barkstone and back to Lochaven, Gill had a barrel or rum with him. What kind of adventures await the patrol? What is happening to Gill, why is he drinking and why is he suddenly changed to violent daredevil?

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